Facebook Quit Smoking Special Offer

Are You ready To Quit Smoking?

stop smoking special offer

Is 2013 going to be the year your life will change forever?

If you are a smoker who wants to quit, then you can kick the habit with just ONE SESSION of Hypnotherapy.

In less than one month of non-smoking you will have paid for your treatment, and from then on its cash in your pocket!


No Patches
No Gum
No Cravings
No Withdrawal Symptoms
No Weight Gain

How long have you been trying to quit smoking without success? How many methods of quitting have you tried? How many nights have you gone to bed making promises to yourself not to smoke when you wake up in the morning? How many times have you broken those promises?

The TV adverts try to scare you and the horrific pictures on the packets warn you of the dangers but nothing works does it? Now you have the fears that come with long term smoking, the risk of cancer and every other smoking related disease. But no matter how hard you try you can’t do it can you?

There are very good reasons why you can’t do it alone and they are not becasue you’re weak of without will power. During your consultation you will find why you haven’t been able to quit and once you have the answers you have the key to freedom.

Hypnotherapy is the most succesful way to quit smoking. More than 8 out of every 10 people stop with hypnotherapy. Give me a call today if you are ready to kick this filthy habit and get your life back.

Facebook Quit Smoking Special Offer

This special offer is only for those who book through Facebook and only for the month of March 2013

Normal Price for stop smoking £247

Special Price Reduction £197