Stop Smoking Testimonials

Hi Christine

I just thought I would update you! I’m still smoke free and really happy about it even though I really didn’t want to give up at all.  I now am completely positive I won’t touch another cigarette ever again.  I’ve had my home redecorated, new curtains and the carpets professionally cleaned to get rid of the smell of years of smoking.

Thank you again, still can’t believe I’ve done it. Liz

(A testimonial by someone who got a free place on a group organized by her work.  She probably just thought she’d give it a go.) 

Good morning, Christine I doubt if you remember me but a year ago I came to see you to help me stop smoking. I just thought I would up-date you on progress. I have not had a cigarette since and would like to thank you. I am more than happy for you to use this e-mail in your advertising or on your web site. Thank you once more for helping me kick the habit, (best thing I ever did). David

Hi Christine,
Just clocking in to say that its nearly a year now since I smoked or even wanted to,thanks to your sessions.
If you ever want a satisfied customer quote-I’m MORE than happy. Its been wonderful being free of the chains of smoking!
Thanks again
Caroline x

Hi Christine, OMG what did you do to me?  It’s the weirdest thing ever, its as if I’ve never smoked.  I can’t thank you enough, nobody at work can believe it.  Jeanne

I was a complete sceptic and even when I left I said, “This can’t possibly work,” but I haven’t had another cigarette since. I’ve thought about it a couple of times, mainly on holiday but never gone through with it.

~ David of Littlehampton

Just to say massive thank you . . . Smoking has left my life in such a painless and natural way. . . Know future is bright …Candice x x x x x x x x x x