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What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a philosophy that maintains we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual Universe.  This is the same as saying that we are ‘thinking’ creatures living in a Universe of ‘thought.’  The world we live in is all energy as are our thoughts and the metaphysical belief is that our thoughts shape our world and everything in it.  Knowing this truth is the key to your happiness.

Whatever you think on a daily basis materializes as your experience. Here and now you are creating your own destiny, in accordance with what you think day by day.  Everything that enters your life is the expression of some belief in your own mind. The home you live in, the work you do, the people you meet and the amount of weight you carry, everything in your life is a direct product of what you are thinking and believing.

Your beliefs determine the way you think and your thoughts are a form of energy that is radiated out into the Universe bringing back to you it’s exact likeness.  Learning how this works and having the tools to make the changes can help you to let go of pain, problems, negative relationships and hardships of all kinds.

This world is one of Law; work with the Law and you’ll attract what you want and work against it and you’ll attract what you don’t want.  Once explained the way the Law works is easy enough to understand and when you understand it you can use it to change your life for the better.

No matter what the problem metaphysical techniques can resolve it.  You can stop smoking, lose weight or repair relationships.  You can overcome phobias, attract love and become more abundant.

Using Metaphysics You Can Heal Your Life.  Metaphysics changed my life and  I witness it changing the lives of others on a daily basis.  It can change your life too.

Metaphysics is:

  • An age old method of changing the circumstances of our lives for the better by changing the way we speak and think
  • A method that brings us into alignment with what we want instead of what we don’t want
  • A way of expanding our view of reality and gaining knowledge that will empower us to awaken the true potential we all have within us
  • A new way of looking at the world that allows us to blast through limitations, worry and fear.

Learning how the Universe works and about its natural Laws allows you to change the way you think, thereby changing the outer circumstances of your life. Using Metaphysical Principles can be truly life-changing and once learned, the techniques can be applied throughout your life on any problem at all.

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What can Metaphysics do for me?

Metaphysical Principles can be used to:

  • Increase self-esteem
  • Heal relationships
  • Get on better with all those around you
  • Get what you want out of life instead of more of what you don’t want
  • Change any area of your life you aren’t happy about

You will experience first hand how the way you think is actually keeping your problems in place and you will learn new and easy techniques to release what you don’t want and replace it with what you do.

Once you have learned the techniques you will be able to apply them to any area of your life, to improve working conditions, relationships and most importantly your relationship with yourself.

You will be given proven tips, tools and Metaphysical techniques for self-improvement that will amaze you with their effectiveness. Using these Principles will not only improve the outer circumstances of your life they will have a great impact on your physical health too as the mind body and soul are intimately connected.

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“To put it simply, since my first session with Christine Wesson a year ago, her methods and teachings have been empowered me to take control of my life and as a result I have enjoyed the success of achieving many of my long term goals in a short space of time. Christine continuously inspires me to continue practicing her methods and I very much look forward my resulting future successes.

Christine’s professionalism, subject knowledge and delivery is second to none. After our sessions I felt inspired to practice Christine’s teachings everyday and have reaped the results in my career, my personal relationships, and financial goals. Following my sessions Christine provided me with informative follow up material which supported my learning and application of Metaphysics. I look very much forward to our follow up sessions where I will be updating Christine with news of my future success and goal achievement. “

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Almost any problem or issue can be treated with metaphysics, however if you would like more information on how metaphysical techniques can help you contact me and I will discuss it with you.