The Most Effective Way To Stop Smoking

The Most Effective Way to Stop Smoking

the most effective way to stop smoking

There are many methods to stop smoking.  Most smokers have already tried good old willpower before they embark on any other stop smoking methods.  The willpower method also goes by the name of ‘cold turkey’, and the smoker relies solely on their own willpower to quit.

With this method the first few weeks will be tough yet many make it.  Unlike other methods, it’s free of charge but unfortunately, statistics show it’s the least effective way of quitting. For every 100 smokers who quit using willpower only 3 to 5 will remain non-smokers for 12 months.

After failing to use willpower to quit you may ask yourself, “What is the most effective way to stop  smoking,” and be led to another of the popular methods of stopping smoking; the variety of drug replacement methods.  This method smacks to me of replacing heroin with methadone which is notoriously difficult to get off.  Some say it is worse to escape than heroin itself.  Swapping one drug for another doesn’t make sense to me but if it works for some people, and it does, that’s great.

While some people come straight to a hypnotist to stop smoking I often get to work with those who have tried and failed using the other methods.  I’ve worked with people who are allergic to patches and who have been made sick by the medication they’ve been given and who have come to see me as a last resort.

What is the Most Effective Way to Stop Smoking?

I share with them the most effective way to stop smoking, in fact I share with them the only way to stop smoking.  Without realising it every smoker who quits has used the same method to achieve it.  The method they used was just a tool that enabled them to make the changes hypnosis makes naturally and in one session to get the drug addiction help needed.

At some point, consciously or unconsciously, they changed their minds.  They eventually turned away from their problem of smoking and began to see or envisage a future with them as a non-smoker.  However long it took them and however hard it was, they eventually made the essential change needed in mind to become free.

It’s the exact same process everyone uses whatever the method.  You can make it long and hard and perhaps even free if you choose the will-power method.  You can pump your body full of drugs if you choose the drug method or you can make it quick and painless if you choose hypnosis always with the complement of the help from a rehab for drug addicts.  Which will it be for you?

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