The Best Way To Stop Smoking

What is The Best Way To Stop Smoking?

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Have you ever wondered what the best way to stop smoking is?  If you’re like the majority of people you’ll have already tried many ways to quit without permanent success.   That could leave you searching for the best way!  If you desire to stop smoking the non-smoking you sits in the unexpressed realm waiting to be drawn into expression.

At the moment the smoking you is in the expressed realm yet every reformed smoker has found a way to draw the non-smoking them into expression and if they could do it so can you.  All you need to do to become one of them is to discover the way they did it and copy them.  The only problem with this is that every ex-smoker has a different story to tell.

They all tell a different tale because every one of them credits their success to something different when in actual fact every one of them succeeded in exactly the same way.  One ex-smoker credits his success to willpower, another to patches and another to the electronic cigarette she smoked yet you tried all of them and none of them worked for you.

What’s going on!  What is the best way to stop smoking?

The secret to stopping smoking does not lie in any of the above methods or any other methods either.  Everyone stops in the same way, whether they know it or not.  They may give credit to the pills, potions or substitutes or they may give themselves credit for having amazingly strong willpower but they’d be wrong.  The best way to stop smoking, in fact, the only way to stop smoking is to go into the mental realms, the imagination and make the changes there.

You have to think about, talk about and imagine a life without cigarettes before you can have one.  Every ex-smoker finds a way, either by design or accident of drawing the non-smoking them into expression and putting away the smoking them.

Things are drawn into expression by the process of aspiration.  Aspiration is active; it is something you do.  Aspiration is an activity of mind and without aspiring to change, nothing changes.  If you really desire to be a non-smoker you’ll get there but even though you aspire and desire to be free are you still spending all, or most, of your time focusing on being a smoker?

Are you in the fight?  Do you spend your time telling yourself to stop?  Do you beat yourself up on a daily basis for carrying on smoking when you don’t want to?  Do you promise not to have another or buy another packet , only to break the promise over and over again?

All the while the smoker struggles to stop and the more they fight their problem the more they smoke.  Whatever you give your attention to increases in your life and if you focus on problems, the problems will get worse and worse.  It’s also no good trying to ignore the problem; problems have perfected the art of popping into mind when they are least wanted and at the most inappropriate times.

If you don’t want to carry on smoking decide what you do want.  Every ex-smoker has got to this point at some time in their quest to become free and it is this that has freed them not the tools they were using.  At some point and, perhaps without knowing why each and every non-smoker has turned their mind away from the fight and focused on the end result otherwise they wouldn’t have made it.

First of all decide what you want.  You may aspire to be a free and healthy non-smoker who can walk easily up hills.  Someone who can exercise and have lots of puff while they do it and someone who can go to bed at night fearlessly and comfortably.   If you do, think about it, focus on it and imagine doing all the things a healthy, happy person does.

To aspire to something means to desire it and to focus on it. Aspiration sounds a bit like respiration and when you aspire to do or be something, each time you think about it and focus on it in imagination (the unexpressed realm) you breathe life into it.

Respiration means to draw air in and to breathe it out. Aspiration also sounds like inspiration and when you aspire you breathe out a spiral/vortex of energy into the unexpressed realms, otherwise known as ‘Heaven’ and then you receive back inspiration. Inspiration also spirals back down from ‘Heaven’ and ideas come to he who aspires.

The best way to sop smoking is the only way to stop smoking

Imagine you as a non-smoker.  Breathe life into the metal picture; give it attention in the mental realm, (sometimes called the Kingdom of Heaven). Everything you have in your life, every condition and circumstance comes from the unseen and began its life there.

Feel how good you will feel when you have achieved the things you aspire to. Do it often; the more attention you give the things you aspire to the more life you breathe into them and the quicker they appear.

Once you’ve decided what it is you want, ask solution based questions; ‘what if I can do it?’ ‘what can I do right now to make it happen?’ ‘what if it was easier than I thought?’  and wait for inspiration. Inspiration comes from above. Inspiration spirals back down from above; leading you and guiding you to do the right things, to look in the right places or the find the right information.

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