Hypnotism to Stop Smoking

Why Use Hypnotism to Stop Smoking?

Stop Smoking Chichester and West Sussex If all the research is to be believed hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking. It is deemed over three times more effective than replacement therapies and investigation shows that those who stop smoking using hypnosis are more likely to stop in the long term than those who use other methods.

Why is that? There is no mystery to why hypnosis should be so successful when you understand the mind and how it works. Hypnosis treats the root cause of the problem whereas willpower and other methods work at a much shallower level.
There is not much difference between the willpower method and replacement therapy as both works on a superficial level.

It is true that once stopped using either of these methods your chances of remaining a non-smoker are slimmer than if you stopped using hypnosis. Unfortunately, without making changes in the deeper mind where the habitual behaviour has its seat or root the habit can be triggered at any time.

The willpower method and replacement therapy tend to cut off the behaviour at ground level without getting at the root. While some people are lucky and manage to stop forever others get triggered and the cravings begin again in earnest at certain times. All behaviours have triggers and while you may think the habit has been overcome you never know when a trigger will happen and you may succumb once again.

For some this happens when out socialising and drinking and for others while under stress. You may have heard someone who stopped smoking years ago who still craves cigarettes on occasions. These people have not got to the root of their behaviour and so really they still have the problem as they must always be on their guard in certain situations.

Getting To the Root of the Problem

Hypnotism is the number one way to stop smoking because it changes the pattern at a deep level. You weren’t born a smoker and therefore you had to install a smoking habit. It took some doing, the body naturally rejects poisonous substances and you had to be really determined to install such an obnoxious habit. When you use hypnotism to stop smoking the smoking habit is removed completely and you are free to spend the rest of your life without being triggered.


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