Stop Smoking – Using the Slow Gradual Reduction Method

stop smoking adviceMany smokers attempt to stop smoking using the slow gradual reduction method. Methods include, cutting down on daily intake, smoking only half the cigarette or waiting an hour longer each day before lighting up the first cigarette of the day. Some try not buying any or not having them in the house but if the cravings are still strong, and the probably will be, the resolve will often weaken and you may find yourself back to square one very quickly.

Also, while even one cigarette a day is being smoked and inhaled your body cannot heal as it is being constantly irritated by cigarette smoke. To recover completely you have to stop completely. However the cutting down slowly method can help a small amount of people to stop and you may be one of them. It is an old tried and true method that can be used to reduce or quit tobacco use, it is inexpensive and it does away with the need for prescription drugs.

If you haven’t already try quitting with the slow and gradual stop smoking method and see if it’s the method for you. You may be able to reduce your nicotine dependency and get of cigarettes completely by:

• Cutting down the amount of cigarettes you buy
• Smoking less of each cigarette you use
• Inhaling less
• Changing brands of cigarette
• Going longer and longer each day without smoking

Some people use this method of stopping smoking while using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The self-administered NRTs include gum, inhalers, and nasal sprays. Tobacco users can use NRTs to break their habit in two stages. In stage one, while still smoking, at a reduced rate, they can focus on overcoming the more difficult behavioural and psychological components of their tobacco habit. Then, at a later date, they can wean themselves from nicotine at their own rate, when they have overcome the psychological and behavioural urges to smoke.

Stop Smoking Using The Slow Gradual Reduction Method

Along with the cold turkey method, it’s usually one of the first ports of call for many smokers who want to quit.  Neither of these methods cost anything apart from the cost of  continued use of cigarettes and mental and emotional costs and so they are favoured by many and like all quit smoking methods, succesful for some.

Whichever route you choose my advice is to keep trying, never give in and you will do it.  Those who never make it simply didn’t want it enough.  If you do you’ll succeed.

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